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This new innovative type of swimming woggle was developed in house by Swim Leeds . Swim Leeds are one of Leeds leading swimming lessons providers offering lessons in Leeds. The Aquatec Woggle was created by our instructors to improve the learning experience for new swimmers.

The Woggle has lower buoyancy than the average Woggle, which means that the swimmer experiences reduced uplift and therefore allows more control of the stroke and to adopt a better body position in the water. This woggle is made from superior quality foam which we believe will last up to three times longer that other woogles on the market.

The teaching woggle is thinner and shorter that a normal woggle allowing easy storage. This woggle was developed by swimming teachers and a water foam expert and we believe is is an ideal teaching aid for anyone involved with swimming lessons and stroke development.

To find out more about our product visit here: http://aquatecwoggle.co.uk/


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